Last Monday, the governors of New York and California, and the Governor-elect of New Jersey, criticized the Republican-backed federal tax reform bill, saying that the bill will reward campaign donors and justify slashing health care, housing and food stamp programs for the poor.

The three Democrats called the tax plan “evil,” “divisive” and a “scam” that is intended to punish “blue states” by eliminating much of the State and Local Tax (SALT) deduction. They warned the proposed GOP tax overhaul would be devastating to their states since it would force many of their residents to send more money to the federal government.

On Wednesday, Gov. Cuomo continued his criticisms of the proposal, releasing a list of 10 Reasons Why the GOP Tax Plan is an Economic Death Blow to New York and the Nation.

On Thursday, a bipartisan group of county executives held a press conference opposing the bill, saying that it will hurt home values. Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro, a Republican, was joined by Democrats Dan McCoy of Albany County and Steve Bellone of Suffolk County, said that the federal changes are likely to impact county budgets as well.

Gov. Cuomo recently published a guest editorial in the Buffalo News targeting Rep. Chris Collins (R – Erie County), titled Every New Yorker will be hurt by GOP tax overhaul.