As of this writing, there are just 11 scheduled legislative session days remaining in the 2017 legislative session.  But as anyone who is familiar with Albany knows – this is when most legislation gets passed.

And since things typically happen very quickly in Albany, this is (after the state budget) the most critical time of the year.

Among the issues that are being discussed in the halls of the Capitol are a “Buy American” plan in which American-made goods and products would gain preference in purchases over $100,000; a dramatic expansion of the state’s prevailing wage mandates; procurement oversight reform; and the effort to require the state to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from major sources to zero by 2050.

These are just some of the highest profile issues that we are working on – there are a myriad of other bills that would impose new mandates on businesses, or drive up the cost of local taxes.

If you have any specific concerns about any legislation pending in Albany that would harm you or your business, please contact me directly so that Unshackle Upstate can help stop measures that will undermine private sector job growth and investment.