On Thursday, Gov. Cuomo announced the launch of the New York State Grown & Certified program, which will identify and promote New York producers who adhere to the state’s food safety and environmental sustainability programs.  According to the Governor, the program is the first of its type in the nation.  He also announced that the state will establish a $20 million food hub in the Bronx, which will employ 95 people and will increase residents’ access to fresh, locally grown and produced food.

Gov. Cuomo said:

“New York State agriculture is an essential pillar of our economy, bolstered by the modern market demands for safer and more sustainable food.  The New York Grown & Certified Program strengthens the link between producers and consumers and provides new opportunities for agricultural development. By connecting Upstate farmers to new markets with a state-of-the-art food hub and promoting the consumption of healthy and environmentally conscious food, these initiatives will have extraordinary environmental, nutritional and economic benefits for all New Yorkers.”