New York State, which became the last state in the nation to permit mixed martial arts (MMA) earlier this year, has issued proposed rules for the activity.

Under the rules proposed by the State Athletic Commission, the state will require a $1 million insurance policy to cover fighters’ medical, surgical and hospital costs associated with brain injuries.  Promoters will also have to carry at least $50,000 in coverage for other injuries.  The proposed rules also provide that a fighter who loses three straight matches by knockout or technical knockout or six straight matches in any manner is automatically suspended.  A fighter who has any head will receive a minimum 30-day medical suspension.

We did not take any position on this legislation, but this is an excellent example of how New York – which used to be a leader among the states – has been at the rear of the pack on many issues.  How many events have New York venues lost to other states since the popularity of MMA has grown in the last decade?