Last Friday afternoon, the temporary Business Regulation Council released a list of 26 recommendations that are designed to ease burdens on private enterprises.  The Council was established in April and directed to report back by June, to “allow for consideration of the recommendations before the end of the 2016 legislative session.”

Unshackle Upstate was part of a coalition of 43 business organizations that wrote to the Business Regulation Council members and urged the commission to address workers compensation, the Wicks Law, health-care costs, medical liability and the Scaffold Law, among other issues.

Unfortunately, their recommendations do not address the significant issues that we asked them to.

The Council’s short-term recommendations include achieving uniformity in laws relating to the use of plastic bags at retail stores; uniform regulations for chemicals in children’s toys; expediting the approval of wireless facility upgrades at existing locations throughout the state; and adopting a statewide standard for small scale, residential solar installations.

Longer-term proposals include updating and streamlining the Environmental Quality Review Act

(SEQRA) and other land use/project review processes; instituting court reforms to add additional commercial court judges; and increasing and expanding the use of Career and Technical Education (CTE) certifications.

Read the Council’s full list of recommendations here.

We’re obviously disappointed that this group was not able to reach agreement to reform the most onerous and costly regulatory and legal burdens that the state imposes.  While the measures that the Council proposed are positive, they are simply not the meaningful reforms that will reduce the cost of doing business in New York State.