Last week, the state’s Public Service Commission (PSC) received a staff report which indicates that there is adequate generation capacity in the state, that transmission and distribution utility owners are prepared to meet expected customer demands this summer, and that wholesale electricity prices are expected to be stable or possibly lower this summer.

PSC Chair Audrey Zibelman said:

“The summer outlook in terms of adequate supply and potentially lower electricity prices is very good news for residential and business customers. There are many factors that are helping drive prices down, including commission-ordered programs to lower demand, require utilities to use policies to mitigate volatility in prices, all of which are helping to ensure price stability for consumers.”

The PSC staff report also noted that the state’s electric and gas utilities have taken steps to strengthen their infrastructure before the June 1 start of the summer hurricane season.

It is good news that the state will have adequate electric generating this summer, which will keep commodity costs down. Now we need our elected officials to take steps to eliminate some of the onerous taxes that the state imposes on electricity and natural gas – almost 25% of a typical users’ bill.