Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Jennifer Conway penned an editorial this week with Unshackle Upstate executive director Greg Biryla outlining their dissatisfaction that, as part of a final state budget agreement, monies were raided from the Workers’ Compensation Fund to pay for the administration of the state’s new and expansive paid leave mandate. State lawmakers and the Governor routinely claimed that employers would not bear the direct cost burden of this wildly expensive new mandate.

In their editorial, Conway and Biryla said:

” Lawmakers — even before this new program has started — are not being entirely truthful with the public about it. This is a major concern for a number of reasons. It means that employers will, in fact, be paying for at least some aspect of the paid family leave program. And if the state needs $10 million in the state’s 2016-17 fiscal year to administer a program that does not start until 2018, how much is the state going to make employers pay to administer it once the program is actually up and running?”

Read the entire editorial published in Southern Tier newspapers over the weekend.