Last Tuesday, anti-pipeline activists rallied at the Capitol, urging the Cuomo administration to deny a water quality certificate needed for construction of the Constitution Pipeline Project.  The proposed 124-mile pipeline would run from Pennsylvania to Schoharie County, and would become a significant new source of natural gas for the state. The Department of Environmental Conservation is expected to issue or deny a water quality certificate that is required for the pipeline to be constructed in the near future.

With New York State prohibiting hydraulic fracturing to develop its natural gas resources, anti-fracking activists are now opposing pipeline development in a number of areas around the state.

The pipeline developers said that the project is needed to meet state energy needs, is environmentally beneficial and will not ultimately be used to ship natural gas overseas.

With New York State importing about 97% of the natural gas we use – the natural that is much cleaner than the coal and oil that we used to use to generate heat and electricity – we strongly disagree with pipeline opponents. Even putting aside the positive economic impacts that the Constitution Pipeline will have in terms of construction jobs, this project makes a great deal of sense because it will enable New Yorkers to take advantage of historically low natural gas prices in addition to cleaner energy.