Last week, Gov. Cuomo signed legislation that authorizes professional mixed martial arts (MMA) in the state, reverses a ban that was put in place in 1997.  New York is the last state in the nation to permit MMA.


At a signing ceremony, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) announced that it will an MMA event at Madison Square Garden on Saturday, Nov. 12, and another live event in Upstate New York some time before the end of the year. UFC has also said that it plans to hold at least four events annually in 2017, 2018 and 2019.


Gov. Cuomo said:


“It’s time to bring mixed martial arts competitions to the New York stage.  With venues like Madison Square Garden, New York truly is the international icon for great sporting events, and we’re excited to begin a new chapter of MMA in the Empire State. This legislation will make the sport a better sport for all involved, and bring new economic activity into arenas across the state, and I’m proud to sign it into law.”