Last week, Gov. Cuomo announced the final report and recommendations of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law Working Group to update New York’s alcohol laws. The Working Group’s complete report can be found here.

The Working Group’s recommendations include:

–         reorganizing the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law to make it more coherent and customer-focused;

–         consolidating the state’s nine licenses into three — one for beer; a second for wine and beer; and a third for establishments that serve beer, wine and liquor;

–         modernizing the state’s “Blue Laws” to authorize more Sunday alcohol sales; and

–         supporting craft manufacturers.

Gov. Cuomo said:

“Working collaboratively with all stakeholders, this administration has taken important steps to cut red tape, roll back burdensome recommendations and help this industry continue to grow, thrive and create jobs in New York. I thank the members of this group for their work and their recommendations on how to continue this progress and look forward to reviewing its findings.”