Gov. Cuomo pushed his paid family leave proposal last week, publishing a guest editorial in newspapers in Buffalo and on Long Island, and announcing that AARP has endorsed his proposal

The Governor’s paid family leave proposal is part of his Executive budget. His plan would provide up to 12 weeks per year for employees to care for newborn children or for sick family members. It would be paid for via employee contributions starting at approximately 70 cents per week and rising to approximately $1.40 after a three-year phase-in.  When the program is fully phased-in, employees would receive two thirds of their weekly pay while on leave, up to a maximum of two thirds the state’s average wage.

We have concerns about this proposal, which the Business Council of New York State recently described asthe most expansive and least business-friendly Paid Family Leave law in the country.” With the Governor also pushing for a $15 per hour minimum wage, we have to ask ourselves “Is New York Still Open for Business?”