Last Monday, Gov. Cuomo announced that New York has signed onto the bipartisan ‘Governors’ Energy Accord Coalition,’ which is a multi-state effort “to develop and implement clean energy policies and initiatives that expand clean energy sources, modernize energy infrastructure and build a clean energy economy.” In doing so, New York joins 16 other states that have “pledged to diversify energy generation and expand clean energy sources, modernize the energy infrastructure, encourage clean transportation options and work together to make transformational energy policy changes and plan for the needed energy transition to clean, renewable energy.”

Gov. Cuomo said:

“From the creation of a $5 billion Clean Energy Fund to implementing our ambitious Clean Energy Standard, New York is fully committed to our role as a national leader in growing the clean tech economy. We are proud to join with other states seeking to achieve the same goal and by working together, we can develop an effective national energy policy to ensure a safer, greener and more sustainable future for all.”