The Business Council of New York State (BCNYS), the state’s largest business advocacy organization, raised concerns about the Governor’s paid family leave proposal. They say that what the Governor has proposed will be costly for employers and difficult for them to manage.

BCNYS released an analysis of the various paid family leave proposals last week. The analysis finds that  “if enacted, New York would have the most expansive and least business-friendly Paid Family Leave law in the nation.”

Business Council President and CEO Heather C. Briccetti said:

“New York State employers are already facing a blizzard of federal and state labor law mandates and cost increases. Imposing additional state-level requirements would only add to perception that the Empire State is hostile to business. Current Paid Family Leave proposals would place an undue burden on small businesses and create a system where business owners will have to comply with separate standards from the state and federal governments.”

As if it were not hard enough to run a successful business in New York State, the state wants to mandate the most generous paid leave program in the nation.