The state Board of Regents has approved a four-year moratorium on use of student scores on Common Core state tests to evaluate job performances by teachers and principals. Educators have been pushing for a delay in using the Common Core tests for assessment purposes because of a flawed rollout of the tests in 2014.

The policies by the Board of Regents will “ensure that there will be no consequences for teachers and principals” related to the third through eighth grade English and Math tests given each spring, as well as include no growth score on Regents exams until the start of the 2019-2020 school year, the board said. Also, it will “prohibit the use of results from the 3-8 state assessments for use in evaluating the performance of individual teachers, principals or students.” Instead, the board agreed to provide a four-year transition period for the new annual professional performance reviews (APPR).

The Board of Regents actions are consistent with the recommendations of Gov. Cuomo’s Common Core Task Force, which were released two weeks ago.