Governor Cuomo announced last on Tuesday that the state has reached an agreement that will preserve 600 jobs at Alcoa’s operations in Massena, where the aluminum manufacturer had planned to curtail its smelting operations by early next year.

Under the agreement, Alcoa will continue operating in Massena and will maintain a workforce level of at least 600 people at the plant for the next three and a half years.  The state will provide low-cost hydro power and $38.8 million in capital and operating expense support through Empire State Development.

Gov. Cuomo said:

“This agreement strengthens an essential part of the North Country economy and saves hundreds of jobs in the region. It gives Alcoa the opportunity to recommit to its future in Massena – just as hundreds of its employees have already done for much of their working lives with the company – and bolster the viability of these facilities over the long-term. This agreement also protects the State’s investments, ensuring that taxpayer dollars are spent wisely and that Alcoa lives up to its promises.”

We are pleased that these jobs are going to be remaining in the North Country.  If we want to keep them here over the long term, we need our state leaders to take real steps toward reducing the state’s tax and regulatory burdens.