The National Restaurant Association has filed a challenge with the state Industrial Board of Appeals, challenging the state’s order that will impose a $15-an-hour minimum wage for fast-food workers.

The group is asking the panel to throw out the state Department of Labor’s September order to phase in a higher minimum wage at fast-food chains with more than 30 outlets. The appeal calls the Department of Labor’s order a “thinly veiled attempt by Governor Cuomo” to bypass the state Legislature and enact his own policy.

It also argues that the Fast Food Wage Board lacked a representative of the restaurant industry, as required under state law. The failure to do so, the group argues, meant that the Wage Board lacked important information and perspectives from the restaurant industry that would have enabled the wage board to appropriately evaluate the costs, benefits, and consequences of the proposed fast food wage increase.

With Gov. Cuomo saying that he plans to push for a $15 minimum wage throughout the state in the 2016 legislative session, we plan to speak out on this issue and make sure that the public knows how this proposal will hurt businesses and taxpayers if it is enacted.