Unshackle Upstate is part of a coalition of business, labor, education and other groups that have joined together to call on the state to push for equitable funding for Upstate transportation needs.

After Gov. Cuomo committed the state to spending $8.3 billion on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), we sent a letter to Gov. Cuomo, calling for a fully funded 5-year capital plan for the state Department of Transportation.

The coalition wrote:

“A fully funded 5-year capital plan for the New York State Department of Transportation will be a significant step toward rebuilding and modernizing New York’s state and local transportation infrastructure, creating jobs and sustaining economic development. For each $1 billion invested in infrastructure, some 28,000 jobs are created or supported. The entire system of roads and bridges requires a long-term commitment to ensure that the needs of our ailing infrastructure are met.”