The ReBuild NY Now coalition is continuing its push for parity in infrastructure projects in Upstate New York, and their efforts have led Gov. Cuomo to say that he agrees with their efforts.  The coalition held a series of rallies in Upstate cities last week, bringing together local officials and businesses to talk about the need to address the state’s infrastructure issues.

When asked if he supported their efforts, Gov. Cuomo told reporters in Rochester that he does:

“They’re right.  We always fund transportation needs all around the state and we need to fund them upstate and we need to fund them downstate. There’s no doubt about that.”

From Albany to Amherst – and in many communities in between — costly water main failures and road closures have become all too common. Our view is that all New Yorkers should have confidence in their local infrastructure, and it is up to Albany to ensure parity between Upstate and Downstate investments. This is going to be a major 2016 priority for our organization, and we expect it to be a priority for many of our partner organizations as well.