Last week, Gov. Cuomo announced the creation of a working group to recommend revisions to the state’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Laws. The group will review the state’s existing statutory provisions and explore approaches to clarifying and modernizing the 80-year-old laws.

Gov. Cuomo said:

“This administration has worked hard to cut red tape and break down bureaucratic barriers in order to help this state’s burgeoning craft wine, beer, spirit and cider producers thrive and create jobs.  This working group will help continue these efforts, providing both perspective and first-hand experience on how to bring our laws into the modern era and further aid in the growth of this great New York industry.”

The working group will be led by State Liquor Authority Chair Vincent Bradley, and is tasked with:

  • removing outdated and redundant provisions;
  • modernizing statutory language for clarity;
  • improving and consolidating various licensing provisions;
  • clarifying the types of licenses available;
  • reducing mandatory paperwork; and
  • eliminating unnecessary restrictions imposed on manufacturers.

A revamp of the state’s 1930’s-era alcoholic beverage control laws is long overdue.  Here’s to hoping that this task force can eliminate a host of unnecessary regulations that will enable the state’s wine, beer and spirits industries to grow, to increase demand for the state’s farm products, and to increase industry-related tourism.