On Tuesday, November 17, the Assembly Democratic Conference will be meeting in Albany.

Also on November 17, the Assembly committees on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, Health and Codes are holding a public hearing  in Albany“to examine and discuss current policies related to heroin and synthetic drug use, including treatment options, in order to develop awareness, solutions, and potential legislation.”

On November 18, the Assembly Committee on Election Law will hold a public hearing in Albany on enhancing voter accessibility.

On November 19, the Assembly Education Committee and the Assembly Subcommittee on Students With Special Needs are holding a public roundtable in White Plains on New York’s State-supported Schools for Blind and Deaf Students (4201 Schools).

The November 20 public hearing  of the Assembly committees on Energy and Corporations, Authorities and Commissions, and the Assembly Subcommittee on Infrastructure in New York City to evaluate natural gas safety efforts by utilities has been postponed.

On December 3, the Assembly Transportation Committee will hold a public hearing in Albany on the state Department of Transportation’s two-year capital program.

On December 8, the Rochester Business Alliance holds a free business cyber security seminar that is aimed at educating businesses and consumers about improving security through lessons learned and best practices.

On December 9, the Buffalo Niagara Partnership holds its ‘Cross Council Agenda Roll Out.’