With state and city officials reaching an agreement to fund the capital needs of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) a number of Upstate leaders are calling on the state to make sure that Upstate’s transportation infrastructure needs are met as well.

State Senator Tom O’Mara said:

“To talk about capital needs for just one segment of our transportation infrastructure is not fair to the rest of the state. Our roads and bridges are every bit as important to us, our livelihood and our economy as the MTA is to New York City.”

State Senator John DeFrancisco echoed this call, saying that the state must also pay appropriate attention to the infrastructure needs of Upstate communities.

We agree. While we appreciate the importance of the MTA to the New York City region, we need state officials to also commit to upgrading and maintaining Upstate roads and bridges as well.  We expect this to be a significant issue in 2016, and it is one that we will be watching closely.