Uber, the ride sharing service which currently operates in New York City, said last week that it will push to move into Upstate markets through an online petition and ad campaign. In order to expand in the state, the company says that state legislation will be required.

Uber officials released a study that says 13,000 new jobs could be created if Uber is allowed to operate throughout the state, would generate $80 million in fares, and that 350,000 New Yorkers outside New York City have downloaded its app.

Uber operates by allowing customers to request a ride through the app. Then drivers use GPS with their own vehicles to pick up riders, who pay a fare. Drivers can work part-time or full-time to pick up riders. Under current state law, Uber must operate as a livery company, and follow the same rules as all taxis.

Gov. Cuomo said that he supports a statewide regulatory framework for ridesharing services such as Uber and its competitor Lyft.