We expect that the race to replace former State Senator Tom Libous in the Senate’s now-vacant 52nd District seat will be a heated one. Without Libous, the Senate Republicans hold just 31 seats – one short of an outright majority. The GOP continues to control the State Senate because of a Brooklyn Democrat who caucuses with them.

Republican candidate Fred Akshar released his first television ad this week. In the ad, Ashkar wields a chainsaw, and says that his top priorities are cutting taxes and red tape and promoting investment in worker training.   Barbara Fiala, the Democratic candidate for the seat, has been relatively quiet since announcing her candidacy in mid-Augus

Unshackle Upstate has sent questionnaires to each candidate, asking where they stand on the many issues that were are concerned about – issues such as the property tax cap, the state’s minimum wage, Scaffold Law reform, and reducing the state and local tax burden, among others. We look forward to hearing what each of the candidates has to say on these important issues.