The Upstate focus that we’ve seen recently from the state’s leaders – Governor Cuomo, Senate Majority Leader Flanagan and Assembly Speaker Heastie – is a positive development. We’re pleased that our region has been getting attentions from the state’s top elected officials, all of whom are from downstate communities.

Whether it’s Senator Flanagan appointing his Central New York colleague as the Senate’s #2, or the Governor making another major economic development announcement in the region, or the Legislature approving the Upstate Revitalization Initiative, it’s all progress.

But as good as these moves are, they are not nearly the sort of dramatic change that Upstate New York needs if we want to build a world class, 21st century economy. To do that, we need tax relief for taxpayers, mandate relief for local governments and relief from stifling state regulations for people who are trying to start and grow businesses.

So while we commend our state’s leaders for what they’ve done, we remind them that long term prosperity will not arise out of any state economic development efforts or any political appointments. Real change Upstate requires real change in Albany.