Our number one legislative priority for the 2015 session is for the Governor and Legislature to reach agreement on making the real property tax cap permanent, and last week marked the beginning of our effort to “Keep the Cap.” (Read our press release on the issue, and our letter to state legislators.)

New York’s lawmakers achieved one of the most significant fiscal reforms in the state’s history when they enacted a real property tax cap to limit the growth of real property tax levies back in 2011.  But we’re approaching the expiration of this law.  The property tax cap has saved New York’s homeowners millions of dollars, and it is critical that it be kept in place, as is.

And as we reminded lawmakers, the public overwhelming supports keeping the property tax cap in place.

You will be hearing much, much more from Unshackle Upstate on this issue over the next six weeks.  We hope we can count on your active support to make this a reality.

You can watch my recent Capital Tonight interview on this important issue here.