Last week, State Comptroller Tom DiNapolireleased his annual analysis of the enacted 2015-16 state budget.  The report notes that the state’s fiscal situation continues to improve, but raises concerns about new debt being taken on by public authorities and the use of “lump-sum appropriations” that “contain only minimal criteria for awards and few requirements for public disclosure of the programs’ operation.”

Comptroller DiNapoli said:

“Fortunately, New York state has moved beyond the recurring budget gridlock of the past.  The Governor and the Legislature deserve credit for that. On the positive side, a timely budget was enacted and reserves have been strengthened. Areas of concern include the adequacy of statutory language to ensure settlement monies will be spent as intended. The budget also includes billions of dollars in new debt and lump sum appropriations for the Executive and Legislature to use at their discretion, leading to questions about transparency and accountability.”