The Assembly also acted last week to advance its end-of-session legislative priorities, approving bills to strengthen rent regulation and extend mayoral control of the New York City school system.

On Monday, the Assembly approved a bill to extend mayoral control of New York City public schools for three years.  The current law is set to expire on June 30th.  The Assembly’s bill would continue the organizational provisions of mayoral control, which has governed New York City schools since it was first enacted in 2002.

On Tuesday, the Assembly approved legislation that would extend the state’s rent regulation laws, and enhance tenant protections under those laws.

Speaker Heastie said:

“We must secure the place of working families in New York. They are the fabric of our communities and have long been the foundation upon which our state is built.  For too long we have seen ever increasing rents and stagnant wages driving these families from neighborhoods they shaped. We must stand against the continued harassment that families face and provide our communities with stable homes.”

We share Speaker Heastie’s concerns regarding working families, and making sure that our communities remain affordable.  To that end, we hope that he and his Assembly colleagues will see the wisdom of making the real property tax cap permanent