Last week, Energy In Depth, part of the Independent Petroleum Association of America, released a report that takes a hard look at the “research” that New York State relied on to support its ban on natural gas development using high volume hydraulic fracturing.

It probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that the report finds strong evidence of political pressure from network of well-funded foundations and activist groups that are opposed to shale gas development.  A number of the research papers that the state Health Department called “bona fide scientific literature” were actually financed and produced almost entirely by anti-fracking groups. And the same foundations that funded this “research” had strong financial ties to the media outlets that promoted the research and the “ban fracking” campaign groups that used the research to lobby the administration.

We continue to believe that shale gas can be developed safely and responsibly, and that the people of the Southern Tier would benefit from the opportunity to do so.