Last Monday, Gov. Cuomo signed the state’s 2015-16 budget bills into law, and also announced that he has vetoed 184 budget items that were added by the Legislature to the state’s 2015-16 spending plan. The vetoes include:

  • 30 reappropriations for items that had previously been fully paid out;
  • 31 reappropriations with remaining undisbursed balances less than $1,000;
  • 42 reappropriations that are more than seven years old and there have been no disbursements during that period;
  • 56 reappropriations pertain to functions that are fully supported by new appropriations in the Enacted Budget and are therefore unnecessary;
  • 13 reappropriations that are duplicates;
  • 1 new appropriation improperly that was incorrectly characterized as a reappropriation;
  • 6 unconstitutional alterations of the Executive’s reappropriations;
  • 1 capital reappropriation in which the project was completed; and

2 reappropriations for organizations that are defunct.