Congressman Tom Reed (R – Corning) is again calling on Gov. Cuomo to reverse New York State’s ban on the use of hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking, for natural gas development.  He notes that President Obama has issued new federal regulations to ensure that fracking is done safely.

Congressman Reed said:

“As we see the events taking place in Yemen and the Middle East, anything that makes us more energy secure in regards to oil and natural gas resources in our backyard to me is good policy.  I encourage Cuomo to reconsider his position on this matter now that the nation has acted in a way that hydraulic fracturing can move forward.”

We agree.  We think Gov. Cuomo should follow the science – not the radical environmentalists spreading misinformation about fracking – and have the state put in place regulations that ensure that the state’s natural gas resources be developed in a safe and responsible manner.

A report issued by the Brookings Institution this week finds that the economic impacts of shale gas development are huge, benefitting consumers, gas producers and manufacturers.  Except, as we know, in New York.