Unshackle Upstate has been vocal in expressing our opposition to an increase in the state’s minimum wage, in part because there has been no thought given to what its impact would be on small businesses.

The week, the New York Farm Bureausaid that raising the state’s minimum wage would present challenges for the state’s farmers, straining their income and putting them at a disadvantage with other states.

The New York Farm Bureau supports keeping the state’s minimum wage tied to the federal minimum wage, which linked with that of the Federal minimum wage, as our farmers are competing in a global marketplace. Farmers can’t pass along the increases to wholesalers, processors and grocery stores because of competition from farms in other states and countries.

Dean Norton, New York Farm Bureau President, said “Farmers can’t simply raise our prices because labor prices are going up.  This is not a wise strategy to support agriculture or business in the State of New York.”