18 pro-business, pro-taxpayer organizations joined together this week to oppose yet another proposed wage mandate from Albany. The minimum wage increase agreement reached in 2013 is still yet to be fully phased in and employers across the state worry that another mandated increase so soon will result force them to layoff workers, shirk investment in their businesses or raise prices on consumers.

The statement’s signors include¬†Unshackle Upstate, The National Federation of Independent Business, The Business Council of New York State, Associated Builders and Contractors, the Buffalo Niagara Partnership, the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce, and the North Country Chamber of Commerce, among many others.

“As respective members of New York’s business community, we are proud to stand together in announcing our formal opposition to the push to increase the minimum wage. Previously, a minimum wage increase was enacted in 2013, with the final phase in from that agreement due in December 2015. The true impact on small business, our economy and workforce has not been fully examined. Any attempt to increase the minimum wage before full implementation should be rejected. We strongly urge Albany to continue the progress made in improving New York’s economic competitiveness while focusing on pro-growth initiatives as budget negotiations enter this final stretch.”