Last Friday was the deadline for Gov. Cuomo to release his 30-day budget amendments to the Legislature.

As he promised, Gov. Cuomo included a number of ethics and campaign finance reforms in his 30-day amendments.  They include:

  • New disclosure requirements under which public officials would be required to disclose all outside earned income they receive, from whom they receive it, the actual services performed to receive the income and whether there is any connection to the state government or the office that they hold and the work performed;
  • A constitutional amendment to deny public official who are convicted of public corruption their pensions;
  • Reforming the system of legislative per diems to provide that legislators and statewide elected officials would receive reimbursement only of reasonable and necessary travel expenses that are actually incurred; and
  • Requiring greater disclosure of independent political expenditures.

Despite the talk of a potentially late budget this year, we are cautiously optimistic that when the Legislature returns to Albany later this week, they will start to focus on moving the state budget process forward.