Last Friday, Unshackle Upstate released a new report titled Invest In New York’s Infrastructure – A Successful Economy Requires A Strong Foundation. It highlights three key areas of need: roads and bridges, water and sewer systems and broadband access.

As elected leaders weigh how to spend the state’s $5 billion surplus, the report includes our recommendations for lawmakers to invest it.  We call for the state to:

  • identify the most critical infrastructure needs in each region;
  • establish a $3.5 billion infrastructure bank;
  • extend design-build authorization;
  • enact real property tax exemptions that promote broadband deployment and capital investment; and
  • improve the state’s telecommunications regulatory environment.

New York’s infrastructure is in dire need of attention. Investing the state’s multi-billion dollar windfall in our crumbling roads, bridges, water and sewer systems as well as broadband will not only improve that infrastructure, it will put people to work.