The Citizens Budget Commission (CBC), one of the most respected independent fiscal watchdog groups in the nation, came out with some suggestions this week as to how the state can evaluate proposals for spending its multi-billion windfall.

The group recommends the following:

  1. Don’t spend it on anything that has recurring costs
  2. Such spending should benefit the state long term
  3. Such spending should have “clear economic benefits”

We are in full agreement with these principles.  New York is looking at a one-time windfall in 2015 – and we need to make sure that it is spent wisely, and to meet some of the state’s many long overdue infrastructure upgrade and repair needs.

We also note that CBC supports the extension of design-build, which Unshackle Upstate does as well.  According the New York State Department of Transportation, the design-build process has reduced project costs by 27%.  Such savings means that there will be more money to spend on such projects, and less money coming out of taxpayer pockets.