Last week, the Public Policy Institute, the research and education arm of The Business Council of New York State, released a report which looks at several public works projects that were bid competitively using the design-build project delivery system.  The report finds that these projects resulted in in bids that were lower than those bid using the conventional design-bid-build process.

New York lawmakers authorized the use of the ‘design-build’ project method in 2011 for three-years; that law expires at the end of this year.

Business Council President and CEO Heather Briccetti said:

“The Business Council supports a clean, permanent extension of design-build without any other conditions attached.  As consensus builds around applying a significant amount of the estimated $5 billion state surplus to badly needed infrastructure improvements across the state, design-build is one strategy that has demonstrated savings and would ensure that as many roads, bridges, rail lines and other infrastructure as possible could be reconstructed.”