Last week, the New York State chapter of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB/NY) released its 2015 legislative agenda, titled Strategy for Main Street Success.  Highlights include making the state’s real property tax cap to be made permanent, reform of the state’s Scaffold Law, and a renewal and extension of the design-build construction process.

The group’s priorities include tax reductions, regulatory reform, sensible product regulation, reducing the costs of energy, avoiding new labor mandates, supporting lawsuit reform, and investing the state’s windfall in infrastructure.

NFIB New York State Director Mike Durant said:

“The election is over and now the real work must begin.  Small business cannot be a theme in October but an afterthought in January. Main Street needs Albany to work on their behalf once again and this agenda identifies a myriad of issues that have long served as a barrier for Main Street in New York.”