Last Thursday, the NYS Educational Conference Board – a coalition of some of the state’s largest education-related associations — released a report that calls on the state to provide an additional $1.9 billion in education funding next year.

The group argues that the state is able to make this “investment” in education next year, given its multi-billion dollar budget surplus. We respectfully disagree.

While New York’s fiscal outlook has improved, the group is looking at the state’s one-time surplus and making the (inaccurate) assumption that these monies will be available in future budget years as well. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

We think the better approach for the state – the more fiscally prudent one – is to use this one-time infusion of funds to address some of our essential infrastructure needs, including deteriorating roads, bridges and sewers; and to pay down some of the state’s incredibly high and costly debt.