Last week, the Lawsuit Reform Alliance of NY (LRANY) released a five-point legal reform legislative agenda, titled “Justice for All: A Roadmap to Fix New York’s Civil Justice System.” The plan proposes changes to five areas of New York’s civil justice system which contribute to lawsuit abuse and unnecessary (and costly) litigation.

The five components of the plan are:

  • Reforming the “Scaffold Law”
  • Ending “trial by ambush” by requiring disclosure of experts before trial;
  • Keeping “junk science” out of the courtroom;
  • Linking judgment interest to the market interest rates; and
  • Enacting “fair share liability” under which liability is always apportioned proportional to fault.

LRANY Executive Director Tom Stebbins said:

“By virtually every measure, New York is the lawsuit capital of the world. We are worst in the nation for litigation risk and third highest for per-capita lawsuit costs. That costs taxpayers, kills jobs, and drives investment out of the state.”

The report highlights the potential savings if New York State enacts legal reform — the creation of as many as 200,000 new jobs, $1.04 billion in new tax revenues, and $17 billion in increased economic output.