Last week, a state Supreme Court struck down ballot language for the proposed constitutional amendment to change the state’s process of redrawing legislative district lines to put in place an “independent redistricting commission.”

Judge Patrick McGrath found that the ballot language adopted by the state Board of Elections would be misleading to voters because the proposed commission “cannot be described as ‘independent’ when eight out of the ten members are the handpicked appointees of the legislative leaders and the two additional members are essentially political appointees by proxy.” He said that this contravenes the state Election Law, which requires the Board of Elections to prepare abstracts that explain statewide ballot propositions for voters in a “clear and coherent manner using words with common and everyday meanings.”

If the proposed constitutional amendment is approved, the state’s new redistricting process would take effect in 2022, when the new state Assembly, Senate and Congressional district lines are drawn based on 2020 Census data.