Our friends at the Empire Center recently crunched some public employee salary data.  What they found – laid out in the report “What They Make, 2013-14” – should shock you.

1,803 local government employees were paid more than the statutory salary of Governor Andrew Cuomo – $179,000. One local government employee – a jail warden from Suffolk County – was paid $414,527 last year.  Nine local government employees were paid more than $300,000. And that’s just in actual pay – those numbers do not include benefits, such as health insurance, etc.

Empire Center Executive Director Tim Hoefer said:

“Employee compensation is the single largest component of most municipal budgets. Pairing this pay data with the localized spending data in SeeThroughNY’s Benchmarking NY tool, taxpayers can get a real sense of how their local governments are spending their tax dollars.”

The Empire Center’s tools are a great way to find out how your local governments spend their taxpayer dollars.  We urge you to use them to keep your local elected officials accountable.