Last week, Gov. Cuomo announced that the state is merging all of its program that support solar energy into a single $1 billion initiative, called the NY-Sun Incentive Program.  The move is will gradually decrease state solar subsidies, with the goal of turning the state’s solar market into a self-sustaining one.

Gov. Cuomo said:

“Merging these programs into the NY-Sun Incentive Program will stimulate development of solar projects across this state, and sends a clear message that New York is a leader in solar energy innovation.  This approach will help the industry plan for the future, spur new development and aid in New York’s transition to a cleaner, cheaper and more efficient energy grid.”

We recognize the value of having a strong solar industry in New York State.  Solar power is clean and abundant, and promoting the growth of the industry helps the state’s fuel diversity, which can minimize price shocks (like last winter’s ‘polar vortex’).  We support the Governor plan to turn the industry into a self-sustaining one, and we hope that energy ratepayers will eventually see some rate relief as a result.