Unshackle Upstate has long support a real property tax cap, but was have also realized that for the cap to work for taxpayers, it had to be done in conjunction with mandate relief.  That’s why we are part of the ‘Let NY Work’ coalition – to end some of the state’s many unfunded mandates weighing down local governments and school districts.

Last week, I joined with other Let NY Work members in Plattsburg to continue the effort to provide mandate relief to local government and schools.  Because they have had to live under the tax cap – but the state did not follow through on its mandate relief promises – they are struggling to slash services and funds for education.

This is not a healthy state of affairs.  Plattsburgh Mayor Jim Calnon told us that retirement costs take up 10% of the city’s budget.  And we won’t be surprised if that number continues to grow in the future.

Mandate relief is long overdue.  Be sure to tell you elected official that if they want you support at the polls this November, you need their support for mandate relief.