In news that is unlikely to come as a shock to anyone in Upstate New York’s farming community, a new report from Colorado State University’s College of Agricultural Sciences finds that New York State is ranked 49th  in a nationwide ‘Agribusiness Friendliness Index.’

The index quantifies the various factors that influence the business climate for agribusinesses in each state. It looks at 38 different variables, representing regulatory policy, tax policy, government efficiency, impact of key government services, and the overall state business climate.

From the Executive Summary:

“Government fundamentally influences the economic climate of agriculture and its allied businesses. State governments play a particular role in fostering agribusiness opportunities and influencing cost structures with policies that include regulation, taxes and subsidies. Businesses are acutely aware of the role of state government plays in their success; a business friendly environment will encourage business to locate or expand operations. Unfriendly polices shrink business and may even force relocation.” (Emphasis added)

This is yet another reminder of the huge hole that Albany and its anti-business policies has put Upstate businesses into.  With agriculture being such a large and important part of the state’s overall economy – and an even greater part of the Upstate economy – it is clear that we need our lawmakers to do better than they have been doing.