Last week, the “Let NY Work” coalition, comprised of members from the business, education and local government communities toured the state, teaming with local officials and leaders in Poughkeepsie, Corning, Binghamton and Rochester to bring badly needed attention to the issue of mandate relief.

Everybody knows that New York businesses and homeowners pay the highest taxes in the nation, but far fewer people know why. The answer is unfunded mandates, hundreds of state rules and laws that school districts, villages, towns, cities and counties must follow and administer but are given no financial resources to do so.

They serve to drive up the cost of government and keep it high in perpetuity, providing local officials zero flexibility in addressing the needs of their unique communities and providing the services that taxpayers can afford.

You can read Unshackle Upstate executive director Brian Sampson’s guest essay in Rochester’s Democrat and Chronicle on how unfunded state mandates serve to hold Upstate communities back here.