As social media becomes an increasingly mainstream means of communication, and more and more people are utilizing established and alternative social media channels to communicate, comment and express opinion, Unshackle Upstate is looking to do the same. We hope you’ll join us.

Billed as the “world’s largest professional network,” LinkedIn gains about 2 new users per second and caters to working professionals, entrepreneurs, job seekers and deal makers.  By searching Buffalo/Niagara, Rochester, Syracuse, Utica, and Albany/Schenectady, we were able to get an idea of the demographic of Upstate New Yorkers using LinkedIn. In these five selected metropolitan areas alone, there are over 1 million LinkedIn users.

Underscoring Upstate’s continued transition from a heavily-industrialized economy to one centered on higher education and healthcare, the breakdown of the five largest LinkedIn-user associated companies and industries across the region are:

Current Company

University of Buffalo: 6489

University of Rochester: 5981

Syracuse University: 5686

Xerox: 5184

Rochester Institute of Technology: 4300


Hospital & Health Care: 60944

Education Management: 45642

Higher Education: 44537

Information Technology: 33650

Retail: 32205

Unshackle Upstate has recently created our own LinkedIn page and group in order to reach out and share our message with as many Upstate New Yorkers as possible. Want to hear more in-depth insight on Upstate’s economy and engage with others who share your concern about its future?  Check out our new LinkedIn group here: and follow our page: .

How do you engage with LinkedIn, and social media as a whole? What kinds of content do you find interesting? Please let us know and we can continue the ever-evolving conversation about how to improve our region and its future.