According to a joint study commissioned by the Manufacturers Alliance of New York State and the New York State Economic Development Council, a majority of manufacturers perceive the state as having a poor climate for doing business.


Some 60% of the state’s manufacturers see New York as having a poor business climate.  Of the 12% of manufacturers who have businesses in New York and elsewhere, half say that it is much easier to maintain a business outside New York.


And what do those polled say would improve the state’s business climate?  Lower property taxes, lower corporate income taxes and lower energy costs, among other things.


We are pleased that the soon-to-be-enacted state budget includes some provisions to reduce the tax burden on this important sector of the state’s economy.  But the results of this survey show that even with the steps the state is taking, much, much more remains to be done.


Improving the state’s manufacturing sector, particularly upstate, is an issue that continues to draw bipartisan attention. Last week, two upstate Senate Democrats, Ted O’Brien of Monroe County and Tim Kennedy of Buffalo, joined with upstate chambers of commerce to push for tax relief measures to be included in the final 2014-15 State Budget.