Last Tuesday, Gov. Cuomo hosted the second beer, wine, spirits and cider summit to support the growth of these industries in New York. The first such event was held in October 2012. To that end, he announced that the State will launch a $6 million marketing and promotional commitment to raise the profile of New York’s beverage producers.

The Governor said that he will introduce the Craft New York Act, which will consolidate and simplify distilling manufacturing licenses, raise production limits and lower licensing fees for craft manufacturers, modernize shipping laws, and increase retail outlets to benefit craft manufacturers.  He also said he plans to propose legislation authorizing the Department of Agriculture and Markets to designate wine trails across the state.

Gov. Cuomo said:

“Agriculture and tourism have the potential for tremendous growth in New York, and over the past few years we have seen that our investments in the farm-based beverage industry are resulting in new opportunities for small business owners throughout the State.  The proposals and actions announced today will make it easier than ever before to start a farm-based beverage business, raise the profile of producers across the State, and open up new markets where our entrepreneurs can succeed.”