We are pleased to report that — even though he has been an outspoken advocate for taxpayer-financed political campaigns — State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli said last week that he will not participate in the public financing “pilot program” that state lawmakers enacted as part of the state’s 2014-15 budget.

On behalf of the state’s taxpayers (who fund more than enough state programs already), we say “thank you.”

Now all we need is the Governor and Legislature to repeal this ill-advise “pilot program.” Read why taxpayer-financed political campaigns are a bad idea in our 2013 white paper on the topic, Money for Nothing.

Also last week, taxpayer financed campaign advocates from the Public Campaign Action Fund released a very suspect “poll” using highly ambiguous language that purports to demonstrate support for taxpayer funded political campaigns with Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse-area voters.

Any casual observer of politics can see the blatant market research errors contained in this survey and Unshackle Upstate took the Public Campaign Action Fund to task on this effort to mislead the public, read more here.

It should be noted that every reputable public survey on the subject, namely the Quinnipiac University New York Poll, has revealed the opposite, that taxpayer financed campaigns remain very unpopular in New York, especially Upstate.