Last week, the New York State School Boards Association spoke out against the state’s outdated and unfair Scaffold Law (Labor Law 240/241), which imposes “absolute liability” for elevation-related injuries on contractors and property owners engaged in construction, repair or demolition work – even where they were not at fault.  (Read their letter here.)


The group notes that this law results in higher insurance rates for building projects, increasing school construction costs even as school district are trying to adhere to the state’s real property tax cap.


According to the School Boards Association:


“This law is hurting our schools, our school property taxpayers and our communities. Above all else, it is hurting our kids and undermining districts’ ability to deliver the modern, safe, world-class facilities students need and deserve.”


Unshackle Upstate wholeheartedly agrees.  Reform of the Scaffold Law is long overdue.